Cleo S. :I was having debilitating headaches for weeks, that were getting      progressively worse. I went in for my first Bowen treatment session with my head hurting so badly I could barely lie on the table, but by the end of it, the pain was gone. After only a few Bowen sessions my pain has disappeared completely and has not come back!! 

Myrna D.: I went to see Robin for Sciatica pain and after our first session I experienced relief of an all over body achiness that I thought was a result of "old age" and that I would have to live with forrever.  After a few sessions my sciatica has reduced significantly.

Richard G: After several years of suffering from pain and cramps in both calves and soreness in the Achilles tendons when jogging, and having received treatment from a chiropractor, including acupuncture, which did give respite, but only temporarily, I sought help from Robin with Bowen therapy.

Initially, I was somewhat skeptical of the likely success of Bowen, in view of the past years of unsuccessful attempts to resolve the pain. The first session was very relaxing and comforting. And within one day I felt a significant reduction in the level of pain and discomfort, as well as much improved mobility.
The second session, conducted within one week of the first, was even more relaxing, and resulted in a short and intense sleep. The next day the residual pain and discomfort was entirely gone and full movement was restored; so much so that I have started to jog again, which has always been a favorite way for me to stay in shape. With such a result my skepticism was fully dispelled.

To this day I remain much impressed with the rapid and positive impact of the Bowen treatment and most grateful to Robin for her excellent and meticulous application of Bowen therapy
C. Watson:  I am still trying to process the amount of change that I experienced after my first session with Robin.  I had back and hip pain and stiffness and getting around every day was a challenge. Although I am only 52 I felt very old and attributed the pain I was feeling to aging.  After my first session I immediately felt as though I could do anything I wanted.  Without pain and restriction I was feeling much happier as well.  I hadnt realized how much my discomfort was affecting me emotionally.