I became certified in Bowen Therapy in October of 2007. Prior to that I had a bodywork practice that included modalities such as Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue massage, Reiki and Reflexology.  Although this was satifying in the short run I frequently found clients returning for recurring problems.  

I became attracted to Bowen Therapy when I learned that it worked with the nervous system; the source of most pain in the body.  Bowen resets the nervous system so that it evaluates what programs it may be running that are no longer necessary.  An example of this is with trigger points which may initially be established intentionally by the nervous system to reduce mobilization so healing can occur.  Frequently those trigger points continue to be stimulated, reducing mobility and causing pain even after they are needed.

D     I     S     C     L     A     I     M     E     R
The healing modalities portrayed on this website have not been evaluated for their efficacy by the FDA, AMA, or any government/medical agency that claim the exclusive rights having the capicity to heal.  Bowen does not diagnose nor intend to treat any illness, injury, or ailment.  If you have a history of, or are currently experiencing a medical problem, it is recommended that you first consult with your physician and discuss with him/her, all of the treatment options that are available (though likely he/she will not know about this one). The information contained on this website is intended as a general reference and/or for educational purposes only. The healing modalities should not be construed as making any medical claims or as a substitute for consulting your physician or getting conventional medical exams or treatments. 
Use your best judgement, should you in fact claim that as your right.
Recently Featured in Massage Magazine
Recently Featured in Massage Magazine

Can Bowen Help me?

Bowen Technique has been helpful with physical ailments in many categories including, but not limited to, pain and dysfunction. It can also help the body recover from injury or surgery.  

In a strictly medical sense, Bowen Technique must not be considered to "cure" anything.  Bowen stimulates the body to engage its own recovery mechanisms.  The work initiates the innate healing response of the body to address existing conditioning and imbalances.  

Because Bowen balances the nervous system and engages innate healing there is no limit on what types of ailments can resolve.

Many people discover that Bowen gets them results despite having had the condition for years and even after they have tried "everything".

Some examples of conditions that Bowen helps with consistently are Back Pain, Neck Pain, Stiffness (feeling old) Foot pain, Sciatica,  Headaches, Shoulder Pain, Hip pain and achiness, Stress, PMS (yes really) IBS and other digestive issues.  Because pain and emotions occupy the same space in the brain, many people express that they feel emotionally lighter following a session.

Your Bowen Experience - click here to learn about  how to get the most out of Bowen
Your Bowen Experience - click here to learn about how to get the most out of Bowen